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Why do we need to design the LED light Lamp?

Why do we need to design the LED light Lamp?


Why do we need to design the LED light Lamp?

With the improvement of people's living standard, many families begin to pay much attention to LED lighting lamp. No matter whether they choose the shape or the parameters of LED lamps, they will have more or less requirements. Just like eating is not only satisfying, but also delicious, nice and nutritious. But the biggest problem is on the issue of "LED lighting lamp need to design". Most people think LED lights do not need to be designed, and the lamps and lanterns are well installed.

This idea, in a short time in China, is difficult to change. How does it change the public perception? The solution: come up with convincing reasons. The lamps and lanterns I just look good
Many people prefer the "face value" when choosing chandeliers and lanterns. Of course, this is also understandable. After all, it is a society that looks at the value of the face. Can it be directly installed to buy it? It's hard to say.
The low - level living room can choose the lamp.
Remove the large chandelier and use the combination of the lamp trough, the hidden light source and the ceiling embedded into the tube and the searchlight to provide the basic lighting for the space, so that the overall smallpox looks simple and clean, and the height of the space is raised. A higher level of height can also be the case. Like the inclined roof smallpox, only a few small lamp with lamp wall lamp, put the living room as comfortably, but also make the space look clean and tidy. Now, do you think the luminaire is important or is it important to use the atmosphere?


Lighting design is lighting?
Lighting is not simply a matter of installing lights, not to mention the industry of lighting design, which in itself is an interdisciplinary discipline that spans many fields of art, architecture, electronics, and technology.
In the design, the color temperature and brightness of light, the angle of illumination range, the way of light source, the reflection coefficient of the surface material should be considered.
Therefore, what you think of as "installing lights" has already done a lot of design work in the early stage.
Most of the lighting in the home is like this. A top lamp hits the world, but is that enough?
After light design, each space not only illuminates only, has the atmosphere and the stratification feeling.

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