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What are the key points for street lamps and yard lights ?

What are the key points for street lamps and yard lights ?


What are the key points for street lamps and yard lights ?

Along with urbanization , people ' s life is improved , the same is also the play scene of life , in the district , park , square have street lamp and courtyard lamp . The Waterproof Solar LED garden lamp and street lamp are a kind of lamp which mainly plays the role of illumination and decoration . In today ' s standard of living , we can see lamps that can be seen everywhere , parks , squares , etc . We can see that these lamps have different shapes and are better - looking . What are the main points of the courtyard lamp and street lamp ? For this problem , I ' ll explain it for everyone .

I . General selection principles

1 ) Select high - efficiency lamps . Under the condition that the requirements for glare limit are met , the direct type light distribution lamp and the open type lamp shall be used for lighting that can only satisfy the visual function .

2 ) In special places with fire or explosion hazard and environment such as dust , humidity , vibration and corrosion , the lamp shall be selected to meet the environmental requirements .

3 ) When the surface of the lamp and the high - temperature parts such as accessories for the lamp are close to the combustible material , heat insulation , heat dissipation and other fire protection measures shall be adopted .

4 ) The lighting fixture shall have complete photoelectric parameters , and the performance of the lighting fixture shall comply with the general requirements of the current lighting fixtures and the relevant provisions of the test standards .


Two, outdoor lighting
1) High pole lighting should be symmetrical light lamps, lamp installation height should be greater than the radius of the illuminated 1/2.
2)Courtyard lighting lamps should be controlled effectively on the hemispherical flux output.
Three, landscape lighting
1) In satisfying the conditions of glare restriction and light distribution requirements under the pan lighting efficiency should not be less than 60%.
2) The installation of outdoor lighting landscape lighting of the level of protection should not be less than IP55, the level of protection of the buried lamps should not be less than IP67, the level of protection of the lamp used in water should not be less than IP68.
3) Contour lighting lamp adopts LED lamps or light source suitable for single ended fluorescent lamps.
4) Glass lighting should use LED lamps or light source for slim fluorescent lamp.

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