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What are the features of LED lights, LED lighting fixtures?

What are the features of LED lights, LED lighting fixtures?


What are the features of LED lights, LED lighting fixtures?

The light emitting diode, is capable of converting electrical energy into visible solid semiconductor devices, which can be directly converted into electricity to light. Is mainly composed of a bracket, silver, gold, crystal, epoxy resin, five kinds of materials.
LED can be converted to electrical energy of the semiconductor, it has changed the principle of incandescent tungsten filament and energy-saving lamps three color luminous powder, and the electric light. According to the analysis, the characteristics of LED is very obvious, long service life, high light efficiency, low radiation and low power consumption. The white LED light spectrum all concentrated in the visible light spectrum, the luminous efficiency can be more than 150lm/W.

Classification of LED lamps:
1, according to the luminous color of luminous tube:
It can be divided into red, orange, green (subdivided green yellow, standard green and pure green), blue light and so on. In addition, some LEDs contain two or three colors chips
According to LED light scattering with or without doping agent, colored or colorless, the various colors of light-emitting diodes can be divided into colored transparent, colorless and transparent, colored and colorless scattering scattering. Four types of scattering light emitting diode suitable for light.
2, according to the luminous tube characteristics of the smooth surface:
Cyclotomic lights, side lights, rectangular face, light tube, lateral tube, surface mount micro tube. According to the circular lamp diameter is Phi 2mm, Phi 4.4mm, Phi 5mm, Phi 8mm, Phi 10mm, and phi 20mm. Usually the foreign Phi 3mm light emitting diode is denoted as T-1; the diameter of 5mm denoted as T-1 (3/4); the diameter of 4.4mm is denoted by T-1 (1/4).

The angular distribution of luminous intensity can be estimated from the angle of the half value

There are three kinds of light intensity angular distribution maps:
(1) with high directivity. Generally pointed epoxy package or package with metal reflector, and without scattering agent. The half angle of 5 degrees to 20 degrees or less, with very high directivity, can make local lighting light source and light detector, or by automatic detection system.
(2) standard type. Usually used as indicator lamp, its half value angle is 20 degrees to 45 degrees
(3) scattering type. This is an indicator light with larger viewing angle. The half value angle is 45 degrees to 90 degrees or greater, and the amount of scattering agent is larger
3, according to the structure of light emitting diode
There are all epoxy encapsulation, metal base epoxy package, ceramic base epoxy package and glass packaging structure
4, according to the luminous intensity and working current
The general brightness LED (10mcd intensity); the light intensity in the name of high brightness LEDs 10 ~ 100mcd. The general LED working current in 10 mA to tens of mA, while the low current LED working current is below 2mA (brightness and ordinary light emitting tubes of the same).

LED lighting has the following characteristics:
1, high purity, rich and bright colors. The LED products almost cover the whole visible spectral range, and high color purity. The traditional way to obtain a color light is incandescent lamp and a filter, greatly reduces the light effect.
2, the actual life of super long life.LED is more than 50 thousand hours, which is several times or even several times as common light source
3, no mercury light, no ultraviolet light.LED light source are solid, green environmental protection, especially suitable for perfume shops, jewelry stores, museums, art galleries and other places of professional, can meet the special requirements of lighting display of goods.
4, solid luminescence, good seismic performance, firm and reliable

5, energy saving, economy, maintenance free
6, dynamic color control, adjustable brightness, tricolor LED combination can use PWM to achieve color changes
7, LED has a strong luminous direction, luminous flux utilization rate is high, and small size, easy to LED lamp appearance design and light intensity distribution control
8, LED can use DC low voltage power supply, safe and reliable

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