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The method of selecting and purchasing LED lamps

The method of selecting and purchasing LED lamps


The method of selecting and purchasing LED lamps

When we buy LED lighting, it is necessary to understand some common parameters, LED lighting products such as brightness, wavelength, color temperature, as to distinguish the merits of the standards. I said about common parameters of LED lighting products for you, tell you how to choose the LED lighting products. A, packaging and labeling

National mandatory LED lamp manufacturers in product packaging marked with the following: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, rated frequency. Generally speaking, the trademark printing quality of quality products, logo is clear, with a soft damp cloth is not easy to erase, and the manufacturer's trademark and related certification mark two. The appearance of the lamp.
The appearance should be free of cracks, loose and interface between traces of broken. In installation, the demolition process, the lamp should not be loose or tilt phenomenon. Plastic shell lamp must choose plastic flame retardant that project, features of its surface is similar to frosted glass texture. The plastic surface is smooth, there is gloss, but easy to deformation and combustible, is prohibited for energy-saving lamp production. Three working state
LED lamp is in normal working condition, the temperature rise should be relatively low, if the heat condition is not good, light work under high temperature, light will be great, the service life of the lamp will be greatly reduced. At the same time, the lighting in the light and closed, if the rapid flashing, also shows the existence of quality problems. Four, voice
Electromagnetic compatibility is electrical appliances must pass project, must be in the LED lighting products printed on the packaging of national symbols for electromagnetic compatibility testing. We can use a small test to judge with a simple, short wave radio, when the lights work, put the radio on the nearby radio receiving noise is low, indicating electromagnetic compatibility is better measured light. In the quiet environment to work LED lamps of the voice, if you can work very clearly the sound of lighting lamps heard, that power is not very good. Five, brightness
Brightness: L luminous flux in the specific direction of unit solid angle in unit area. Unit: Nituo (cd/ m).
Luminous flux [Phi]: the sum of the amount of light emitted by the luminescent body per second. Unit: lumen (Lm), indicating the luminescence of the luminescent body, and the greater the brightness of the luminescence.
In addition, the greater the number of lumen, the more luminous flux, the higher the brightness of the lamp. Six, color temperature
Color temperature is a measure of the light color logo, by the K value. The yellow light is "3300K", "5300k" is white, there is a color of "3300k-5300k". The customer can according to personal preference, light application environment and the need to create lighting and atmosphere to choose the appropriate color temperature.
Seven, color difference
The color is switched on, with a piece of paper covered with the naked eye lamps, lamp light emitting chip a drop of light is not correct, there is no color, no light, no light drops eight, design!
Each product will have different designs and different designs for different purposes. The reliability design of LED lighting includes: electrical safety, fire safety, applicable environmental safety, mechanical safety, health and safety, safe use time and other factors. Nine, energy label.
Energy identification is the information that provides consumers with energy consumption and benefits, and it is convenient for consumers to buy high efficiency products.
EU energy symbol
The European Union divides the energy efficiency of the product into 7 levels, which has the highest energy efficiency and the lowest G level. China's energy efficiency sign
China energy efficiency logo is blue and white background color identification, divided into 5 levels, the meaning of all levels: Grade 1: products reach the international advanced level, the most electricity saving, that is, the lowest energy consumption; grade 2: comparison of electricity saving.
Grade 3: the energy efficiency of the product is the average level of our market; grade 4: the energy efficiency of the product is lower than the average level of the market;
Grade 5: market access standards (products below this level are not allowed to produce

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