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Lighting installation is the key to safety and firmness

Lighting installation is the key to safety and firmness


Lighting installation is the key to safety and firmness
In the home life, lighting is an indispensable necessities, it is not only the lighting tools, as well as decorations. People love dazzling crystal lamp, lamp Chinese people love classical atmosphere, but either lighting, the installation must be careful, strong safety is the key.
Ceiling lamp installation
Most of the ceiling lamps are flat shape, and they are installed on the roof. They are named as ceiling lamps. They are named as ceiling lamps. Because of their small space and light, they are especially suitable for use in lobby, corridors, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.
Installation method of ceiling light
1, the ceiling light is fixed
Put the chassis on the roof, according to the fixed position draw punch position, use percussion drill a hole in the place of installation, with a hammer fasteners such as expansion screws will fill up the hole. Note that the fixed bearing capacity should be matched with the weight of the ceiling, to ensure that the ceiling lamps fixed firmly.
2, ceiling light wiring
The roof wire is removed from the hole of the chassis, and the chassis is fixed to the above position with screws. After being fixed, connect the wires and the chassis wires, and connect the wires to the bare areas, and use the insulating tape to wrap them up, and finally install the lamps and Lampshades.

Precautions for installation of ceiling light
1, safety standard
For the safety of family members, if there are no special requirements, the wall openings are generally 6 millimeters. When installing the percussion drill, it is necessary to install matching drill bits. When drilling, we must pay attention to the depth of drilling and ensure that the expansion screws are fully accessible.
2, power line safety
Electrical contact should be good with the connecting line of the ceiling lamp power supply line, preferably wrapped in black tape and keep a certain distance. If possible, try not to place the thread under the same piece of metal, so as to avoid the danger of short circuit.
Shooting lamp installation

Spotlight is a kind of lighting installed in a small space. Because it relies on reflection, it can produce very strong light only by consuming very little electricity. It can be used to highlight a place in a room, and it can also increase the sense of three-dimensional and create a special atmosphere.


Lamp installation method
1, plan to keep the spotlight position
The installation method of the lamp is mainly embedded in the installation. In general, the line is reserved according to the decoration plan. The decoration workers will open the ceiling and properly reserve the empty slot of the lamp.
2, light connection
Install the base, pull out the wire, fix the screw, connect the wire head, at the same time do not forget the insulation treatment, and finally install the light section.
Precautions for lighting installation
1, the light line needs to be installed.
Although the spotlight has the advantages of high energy consumption, high brightness and strong decoration effect, there are also some disadvantages that cannot be overlooked. That is, the voltage is unstable and easy to explode. Therefore, when installing the spotlight, we must install the transformer, which can effectively prevent the explosion.
2, proper installation of light
In the selection of lamps and lighting, we must have an appropriate amount, especially the spotlights. If we pursue the number of spotlights blindly, we will form light pollution, and it is difficult to achieve the ideal decorative effect. At the same time, too much placement of spotlights is more likely to cause fire hazards.
Chandelier installation attack
The chandelier is the lighting used in the indoor ceiling. The noble sculpt of the atmosphere can show the magnificence of the house. The use of chandelier requires that the house has enough storey height. Because the weight of the chandelier is heavy, it must be firmly fixed.
Installation method of chandelier
1, chandelier fixed
The fixed head of chandelier should also be drilled. The punching point should be drilled, and the expansion screw can be punched into the hole with the percussion drill. Because the load of the chandelier is usually larger than that of the ceiling lamp, we must first use metal hanging plate or hook to fix the ceiling, and then connect the chandelier base, so that the chandelier can be installed more firmly.
2, chandelier connection
Screw up the head screws. The base is installed. Connect the power wire, the copper wire exposed part is covered with insulating tape, then connect the boom to the base, adjust the suitable height, and finally install the Chandelier Lampshade and the bulb.
Precautions for the installation of the chandelier
1, the chandelier can not be installed too low
The use of chandeliers have enough height requirements of the house, no matter whether they are installed in the living room or restaurant droplight, can hang too short, not to hinder the normal line of sight or a person feel dazzling as appropriate, general hangers are adjustable height. If the housing is low, the use of lamps is more suitable.
2, the chassis is firmly fixed and safe
The most basic requirement for lighting installation is to be firm. Installation should be installed according to the installation instructions. When the lamp weight is greater than 3kg, the embedded hook should be used or the expansion hanger bolts should be installed directly from the roof to fix the support and hangers.
3, check the hanger connection firmly
The hanging rod of the chandelier has a certain length of thread, which can be adjusted for high and low use. Besides carefully checking the chassis's fastness after installation, we should pay attention to the reliability of the light box suspended under the sling boom.

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