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How to make the courtyard shine at night?

How to make the courtyard shine at night?


How to make the courtyard shine at night

There are 160 square meters in my courtyard, L shape, its greening. Greening method and experience as follows:
It has mountains and water. There are small rockeries in the garden and the water system connected to them. There are three pools of water in the water system. The main gate and the side door are built in the garden, and they are connected by small paths laid with rain flowers and stones. In order to facilitate daily access and visitors visit. Plants and rockery, the barge is static, water and water fish is dynamic. Flower and fruit plant scientific configuration. Garden plant allocation so that the four seasons flowers, Perennial fruit. Deciduous and evergreen plant reasonable sub-bureau. Garden deciduous plants and evergreen plants staggered distribution, potted plants and evergreen plants to achieve a reasonable arrangement, energy-saving, environmental protection, courtyard lights and water circulation filtration system, All of them are equipped with power saving equipment, and natural income saves electricity by using the natural drop between the three pools. Planting water plants in the pool and beside the barge has played a good role in purifying water quality, and the water in the pool has been kept clear all year round.

I choose a kind of courtyard lamp. Its base key is made of silicone gel, and the base and lamp cover are sealed with environmental protection and waterproof glue. Immersed in 1.2m water depth for an hour, the product is watertight and water proof to IP68 grade. The built-in polysilicon solar panel does not affect the appearance of beauty. The product can still be charged under cloudy and rainy light. The shell lampshade is made of raw material, high-end PMMA, and UV anti-UV protection. Molding process: small cylindrical-high-temperature heating-blow molding. The appearance of the lampshade is highly efficient and even transparent, smooth surface, anti-fall, waterproof and corrosion-proof, no pressure die line on the surface, no color difference

Built-in selection of high-quality 3 energy-saving LED lamp chip (red, blue, green, light life ≥ 50,000 hours.) using astigmatism, light, energy conservation and soft light, low loss of electricity design.
And with the remote control, the market general remote control 15 meters away wireless remote control color change, color changes with the heart, color change, add color for your night.

In the nighttime swimming pool, the solar yard lights showed bright colors: warm red, romantic blue, green youth, charming yellow, Mysterious and subtle purple. The biggest highlight of this courtyard lamp is that personality floats and glows! The baby who plays by the pool in the yard at night can have a good time!

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