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How to build villa with LED lighting? Let ' s teach you

How to build villa with LED lighting? Let ' s teach you


How to build villa with LED lighting? Let ' s teach you

As night fell, the stars began to walk under the eaves, and the lights of the house were the direction of the pedestrian's footsteps.

Nowadays, the LED lighting has not only existed for the sake of lighting, but also how to render the Solar light and warmth to the people who return home through the lighting design is the topic that designers need to consider.

Villa lighting can be divided into outdoor lighting and indoor lighting, outdoor lighting is mainly courtyard LED lighting, and indoor lighting design according to the characteristics of each space.

Garden lighting type is, according to different surface types, specific functions can be divided into: lamp, wall lamp, lawn lamp, lamp, lamp and other forms. Waterscape courtyard lighting performance is an important factor in rendering the atmosphere of space, through the lamp shape, color, location and other factors make the environment space with some atmosphere and mood, show the design style.
The role of the villa garden lighting is mainly shown in the following three points:
1) use light and shade to highlight key landscapes, such as sculptures, Waterscape, plants, and so on, to attract people's attention in a background of low ambient light.
2) through the molding of the lamps and lanterns and the arrangement and combination of the lamps and lanterns, the space is embellished or strengthened.
3) the organic combination of point line structure, highlight the courtyard, the scientific application of the art of light, creating a strong atmosphere of garden lights.

The lighting design of the villa yard needs to be paid attention to:
1. choose the right place: the lights are generally located in the entrance and exit of the courtyard green space, the corridor, the steps, the surrounding buildings, the water fountain, the sculpture, the edge of the lawn and so on.
The coordination of 2. illumination and environment: according to the courtyard environment for different level of light intensity should be selected properly. Such as entrance, corridor, requires good lighting intensity enough; and in the quiet alley is only required for general lighting. Soft, easy light will make small courtyard environment is more quiet and comfortable, friendly and pleasant. The lighting should be a unified layout, illumination are homogeneous and have ups and downs, with dark rhythm artistic effect. At the same time, to prevent the emergence of the dark corners not appropriate.

3 . Select the appropriate height of the lamp post : ensure uniform illuminance , and the height of the lamp post shall be appropriate except for the location of the lamp arrangement . The height of the lamp shall be appropriate . The height of the lamp shall be 3 meters above the height of the lamp . In addition , the height of the lamp post shall be appropriate to the horizontal distance between the lamp posts to form a uniform illuminance . 4 . The light of the swimming pool shall have different romantic colors for the swimming pool . The evening glow of the sky shall form a halo , and the light of the swimming pool shall form a quiet romantic picture .

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