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How The lights Garden Lights of The Layout?

How The lights Garden Lights of The Layout?


How The lights Garden Lights of The Layout?

In modern society, people are increasingly aware of what products should pay attention to environmental protection, energy saving and environmental protection, with the government to promote the promotion of energy saving and environmental protection products, Solar Garden Lights more and more for us everywhere residential, parks, schools and other densely populated areas, solar courtyard lighting design is particularly important.
Park, community, school to install solar garden lamp lamp installation should pay attention to the layout, lighting time, lamp design height and lamp selection, these aspects are very important, following the introduction of solar garden lights in the design, installation considerations.

1. Light selection
Solar garden lights installed according to the different areas of the design of the corresponding type of lighting, park design into bright colors, color is white or dark green lamp, the light type can be designed for antiques, modern school, the most suitable for modern design, color painted black or white.
2. Design lighting time
Solar garden lamp lighting time, determines his cost, so we should design different local time according to different installation, as long as the need to meet the general lighting, parks and schools until 11 p.m. no one, solar garden lighting design time is 6 hours, the difference between different, densely populated, you need to design a longer time, the general design can illuminate 8-12 hours on it.

3. The installation location layout
In the park, the community, schools to install solar garden lights can not arbitrarily choose the installation location, after all, he relies on solar lighting, select the installation location should be installed in the sun is enough, there are no trees or high-rise block, lighting a long time place, let the solar garden lights can be continuous lighting.

4. The design of a rainy day
In the design of solar garden lights should give full consideration to the rainy and cloudy batteries to have extra power to provide lighting installation according to different places to choose idle days, general design of the standby 3-5 days can be normal in the evening lighting for at least 3 days of rain.

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