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How much does the light have to do with the environment?

How much does the light have to do with the environment?


How much does the light have to do with the environment?

Lighting has attracted more and more attention in recent years. Whether it is outdoor night lighting or indoor lighting, decorative lighting shows that it is good for shaping the environment. The great potential to change the environment. People are used to the term "bright lights" to describe the arrival of the city night, so, as the sun turned away, the lights appeared, the whole city changed a color. It echoes with the environment, complement each other, and become a beautiful landscape of the city at night.


Signs of culture

"when the east wind brings flowers to thousands of trees, it blows down, and stars fall like rain. BMW carves carve carves over the road. The Phoenix Xiao moves, the jade pot lights turn, and the fish dragon dances overnight. Moths, snow willows, gold strands of gold, and smiles go to the sky. The crowd finds him thousands of Baidu, and suddenly looks back, but the man is there," he said. The lights are dim. "

Lantern Festival, the poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, wrote "Qing Yu case Yuan Xi", which showed Lantern Festival watching the lantern under the moon, and the festive atmosphere jumped to paper. However, the author's intention was not limited to the writing of the scene. But in order to contrast the difference of the man who was "where the lights are falling". The lanterns, the moon, the fireworks, the Sheng flute, the social dance, intertwined into the jubilant Yuan Xi, the beautiful women in the dizzying procession of women, It turned out that it was only for the one who meant it, and if there were no one, what was the meaning and interest of all! It is not difficult to see the significance of culture to light. The brilliant light show is beautiful and wonderful, but if there is no connotation, it will inevitably flow in grandiose, difficult to call the atmosphere.

The richness of detail

The beauty of detail lies in a casual glance, in the playfulness of a spare time; it may not be different, but it feels quite different, and this is the function of detail.

undefinedChina has been saying since ancient times that the expressive power of the light can be seen, and the appropriate color temperature, illumination, and ratio of light can create a picture with a texture. Similarly, the light also magnifies the details of the building and shows something about it during the day. The dark part of the building brought by sunlight may become the focus of the light at night, and the shadow form is very different. This difference makes the expression of the building night different, which is precisely what the designer can grasp flexibly.

Individual sense of integrity

As the old saying goes, "a world of sand, a world of flowers and a heaven," the sense of completeness of a plant and a tree is breathtaking. It is not difficult to find that no matter how small an object can be, it can be a system of its own. They always look very simple. People tend to think of "simplicity" as the basis of all art. In fact, things have their own integrity and complexity. The relationship between lighting and environment also has this characteristic. Lighting and environment often form a whole, so the sense of integrity is also one of the factors that designers must consider.

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